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How To Program Your Remote?
Product LineOwner's GuideLast UpdatedFile FormatDownload Guide
Viper10004/26/2007 download
Viper10021/3/2007 download
AstroStart1003 (PR_SU) (1000)2/20/2012 download
AstroStart1003 (PR_SU) (1000) (Francais)2/20/2012 download
Viper100ESP4/26/2007 download
Orion100PPS5/3/2007 download
Viper1020GPS2/22/2008 download
Failsafe103T8/31/2000 download
Viper106V9/14/2004 download
Astrostart11051/14/2010 download
Astrostart1105 (Francais)1/14/2010 download
Astrostart1105U1/14/2010 download
Astrostart1105U (Francais)1/14/2010 download
Clifford11CX - 427series1/21/2008 download
Clifford11CX - 427series (French)1/21/2008 download
Clifford11CX - 562Cseries1/21/2008 download
Clifford11CX - 562Cseries (French)1/21/2008 download
Clifford11CX - 980074series1/21/2008 download
Clifford11CX - 980074series (French)1/21/2008 download
Python1200XP8/13/2005 download
Python1200XP (French)1/29/2008 download
Viper120HV2/19/2008 download
Viper120HV (French)2/19/2008 download
Viper125HF2/19/2008 download
Viper125HF (French)2/19/2008 download
Viper130XV8/13/2005 download
Viper130XV (French)2/19/2008 download
Viper135HF2/19/2008 download
Viper135HF (French)2/19/2008 download
Python1400XP8/13/2005 download
Python1400XP (French)1/29/2008 download
Python1400XPL2/8/2007 download
Python14019/16/2008 download
Viper140HF2/19/2008 download
Viper140HF (French)2/19/2008 download
* Please remember that any technical support information, whether oral or written is being provided free of charge on an “as is” basis, without any representation or warranty. Directed Electronics assumes no responsibility or liability resulting from improper installation, even in reliance upon this information.