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Quick Reference Guide to Programming Your Remote

Due to the volume of units that have been manufactured over the past 20 years, and the complexity of programming the remotes on some of those units, we recommend visiting the dealer that originally installed your system, or another authorized dealer in your area for remote programming assistance or instruction. For your convenience we are providing some basic instruction for current Directed Hand Held Remotes, please visit your local Directed Dealer or retailer if you have questions or require further assistance.

If your remote part number is not listed here, Please contact an Authorized Dealer or Retailer in your area for replacement options. You can also review the cross reference sheet on this site for information on your remote and other replacements available.

Please Choose Your Remote from the drop down below:

Please Choose Your Remote Product from the drop down above. If you need additional information on where to find the product number from your remote, please go to Replacing Your Hand Held Remote in the Remote Guide section of this site.
* Please remember that any technical support information, whether oral or written is being provided free of charge on an “as is” basis, without any representation or warranty. Directed Electronics assumes no responsibility or liability resulting from improper installation, even in reliance upon this information.