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Replacing Your Hand Held Remote
Replacing Your Remote

To quickly find the right remote for you, you first must identify what model remote you have. Once you have determined your hand held remotes model number, you can purchase a replacement remote at most Authorized Directed Dealers or Retailers in your area.

Follow the instructions below to find the model number you have:

  1. On the back of your original remote there is sometimes an “RPN #”. This number should be three or four numerical digits followed by the letter(s) "v", "p", "x", etc. This is usually found on newer Directed Security Systems.
  2. On older Directed Security Systems you can determine which remote you have by identifying the last three numerical digits of the FCC ID #. On these systems you will usually find these numbers to be 471, 491, 465, etc. That is the part number of your remote.
Part Number

Now that you have the part number, you may purchase your replacement remote at either on our online store or at your local authorized Directed Dealers.

  1. Search for your Dealers in your area here. Dealer Locator
  2. Go to our online store. www.directedstore.com

* Please remember that any technical support information, whether oral or written is being provided free of charge on an “as is” basis, without any representation or warranty. Directed Electronics assumes no responsibility or liability resulting from improper installation, even in reliance upon this information.